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We did it together!

On behalf of the immigrant community of Humboldt


Thank you

volunteers, signers and the strong Sanctuary team for a

Sanctuary County






On May 21, Centro del Pueblo submitted the  signatures to the Office of Elections

More than 6 Thousand people signed this initiative as a statement of love and protection to immigrants

During 14 weeks our volunteers gathered more than 6 Thousand signatures in the entire County

With love and joy for the immigrant community of Humboldt, we move forward to discuss our rights to a happy safe life! 

Centro del Pueblo honoring our indigean roots

It was an honor to attend today gathering. Thank you Chairman Hernandez for your vision and leadership and thank you Centro  Del Pueblo for your unwavering commitment to building a safer and healthier community for all.


Thomas H. Joseph II 

We are related by blood and where forced to separate in order to be divided and conquered. 

But the time for the eagle and the condor to fly in the same sky is NOW

Together we can mend each other wounds and get back to the spiritual practices, sense of humor and respect for our home that worked for us as a people of the lands known as the americas


Octavio Acosta

Centro del Pueblo protects the Dignity and Diversity of All Humboldt County Residents and Visitors


Our objective is to propose solutions collectively to issues that affect our community: discrimination, violence, and inequitable access to legal justice and public services.


In 2018 our main objective is to pass a Sanctuary Law in Humboldt County which protects all residents and visitors of our community 





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